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Ledent Touw offers a large range high quality rope and binding solutions.

We have extended our offering with mats, bungees, tie downs, nets and chain accessories. 



About Ledent

Ledent is a manufacturer and supplier of ropes, twines, nets, tie downs and mats for retail, DIY and industry.

Our product range allows retailers in various sectors (gardening, DIY, construction, non-food) to create a broad assortment to the needs of their customers. Together with creative packaging and presentation we succeed in increasing your and our market share.

Our clients & portfolio

Industry customers seek custom solutions for their packaging, binding and securing challenges. We create custom solutions for our clients’ needs with high quality products at an attractive price.

Ledent has a diversified portfolio. Our range of products include natural ropes & twines, synthetic ropes, cordage, nets, tie downs, bungees, mats, chains and accessories.


Ledent is a major manufacturer and distributor of natural and synthetic ropes, twines and cordage. We supply ropes in all sizes, lengths, strengths or cut to your specific size needs.

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Chains, steel wire & accessories

Complementary to the rope solutions, Ledent offers a selection of chain and steel wire products. Our range of rope & chain accessories allows easy fixing and linking of all kinds of ropes and chains. These accessories are available in steel, inox or messing.

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Tie downs, bungees & nets

Ledent offers a wide range of fixing and securing solutions, both for retail assortments and for professional use.

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Ledent has a long history of providing quality mats for indoor and outdoor use.

We offer a broad assortment of natural fibre mats and synthetic modern design mats.

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Industrial applications

Each industry sector has specific needs and specifications. Thanks to our experience and product range, we can offer tailor-made solutions for the professional user. Our target markets include food, agriculture, construction, transportation, manufacturing, machine construction, engineering and many more. Give us your specifications, we create the solution.

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